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National Anthems
au.gif (1032 bytes) Australia Australia Territories
Australian Territories
fj.gif (1032 bytes) Fiji Fiji Guam(USA)
mh.gif (357 bytes) Marshall Islands Coming Soon Christmas Island(Australia)
sb.gif (1032 bytes) Solomon Islands Coming Soon Cocos (Keeling) Islands(Australia)
ki.gif (1031 bytes) Kiribati Coming Soon Cook Islands(New Zealand)
fm.gif (588 bytes) Micronesia Coming Soon Northern Mariana Islands(USA)
nr.gif (1027 bytes) Nauru Coming Soon Norfolk Island(Australia)
niu.gif (949 bytes) Niue Coming Soon Sandwich Islands(UK)
nz.gif (1031 bytes) New Zealand New Zealand New Caledonia(France)
pw.gif (357 bytes) Palau Coming Soon Pitcairn(UK)
pg.gif (395 bytes) Papua New Guinea Coming Soon French Polynesia(France)
ws.gif (1019 bytes) Samoa Coming Soon American Samoa(USA)
to.gif (617 bytes) Tonga Coming Soon Tokelau(New Zealand)
tv.gif (1032 bytes) Tuvalu Coming Soon
vn.gif (1025 bytes) Vanuatu Coming Soon

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